Ascension Symptoms




The old way. The trap. The 9-5. The little nest that caged you in.

You can’t do it anymore.

You can’t keep selling your soul to pay to live in a prison and be brainwashed by the Televion.

You need more.

You’re un satisfied. You’re thinking for yourself.

You’re wanting more than the house, the car, the kids, the 2 weeks vacation, the grey prison they call an office.

Freedom is calling.

Real freedom. Lasting freedom.

You’re ready to give it all up and follow your dreams.

You’re ready to take a risk, be different. Break free.

Are you crazy?


You’re no longer one of them.

They think you’re crazy. All your strange books and strange ideas.

Your strange diet, strange practices, strange inability to fit and and go along with the system anymore.

They thing you’re crazy. You were always a bit weird, they say. But now you’ve gone too far.

Come back to realthy, they taunt you.

What happened to the person we used to know?

Where did you go?

We miss you…

Death & Rebirth

Where DID you go?

What happened to that old self who used to fit in?

What happened to the old you that could just ignore all the glaringly obvious problems and pointless nonsense?

Why can’t you just forget it? Why can’t you leave it along and just go back to the old life you had and be the old you?

Where did you go and who are you now?

Something has awoken.

A powerful light shines behind your eyes.

A light is on in the darkness of your mind.

The sleeper has awoken.

The sleeper is awake.

Are you awake?

Seems like a silly questions to ask. After all, how could you be asleep and yet be reading this?

But that’s what it feels like now, isn’t it?

You’ve woken up.

You’ve begun to see the world as if you were in a trance. And now you’re not. Or at least you’re aware of the trance you were in.

Bizarre World

We life in amazing times. Nothing is ever certain except change. But the rare of change we face today is unprecedented in all human history.

Right now you are living though the most profound moments of human evolution.

Time stops.

Time speeds up.

And here you are. Witnessings the stirring of your soul. Feeling something changing inside of you. Seeing the world fall apart and be born again.

But what will happen?

Who will you be if you leave behind the world you once knew. The familiar world of comfort. The world of TV. The world of fitting in. Doing what you’re told. Being a pawn in someone else’s game.

Who will you be when you move on and let that old you fade away like a distant dream. Another life. Another time. Another you.

How will you feel as you leave it all behind and tread gently into a strange new world you’ve forgotten?

What will happen as you step into no-mans land?

All alone, unsure of who you are or how to be…


The grief comes slowly. It flows down into your heart in waves. But not until you’ve left the safety of your old world behind.

Not until the comfort of your cosy nest is too far away to reach do you really feel the grief.

The sadness and death.

“What have I done?”

Maybe I was too extreme? Maybe I took it too far? What have lost?

As you look out onto the barren horizon of your brave new world you begin to cry.

Ascention comes with bliss and tears.

Each step you take away from your cosy nest, the you you know the more the tears stream down your face and wet the barren ground.

Whare are you going anyway?


If you know it all, you’re stuck in the past. Moving forward means to be confused.

You neither know where you are, where you were or where you are going.

You feel it. You know something is propelling you forward like a guiding hand on your back. But you’re confused.

Your mind twists and turns a thousand revolutions a second. Bound up in chains of reason, lunged into the depths of uncertiantly it desperately struggles for air. Chained and inprioned in it’s own warped creation the mind frantically exhausts it’s vital force like a lunatic being drowned in a bathtub.

You thought you used to be confused before you woke up.

But you didn’t have a clue what confusion meant until you found yourself here – lost in no mans land, drowning in your own reason. Bleeding with uncertainty.

Maybe it would be better to pack up and retreats. The TV and cosy nest is beginning to seem like heaven now.

Why am I here?

Who got me into this?


Restlessness gives way to anxiety and panic attacks.

The simplest things like driving a car can seem daunting.

Standing in line at the post office may seem like being integoigated by terrorists

Why are you so worried about little things?

What’s going to happen next?

Who can you trust?

It’s not about moving forward anymore, it’s about finding ways to undo the sensitivity.

Once you wished you were more in tune. More tapped in, Now it’s driving you insane.

How to numb the energies and function again?


The normal world is amplitied.

Beautiful or demonic. The colors spring out onto your mind soaking and fizzing and spinning.

Was it always this bright?

Or this dark?

Sounds that you never noticed before grate againsts your soul.

A glance from a stranger can life your mood or make you question the whole of the human race.

Can people be trusted?

The pain you see in the eyes. The restlessness.

The sadness, the stress, the worry. The violence.

How can they handle it?

Whats wrong with these people, you wonder?

How can they sit in those offices for hours, drive to work, eat all that food, watch all those moves and stilll function?

Don’t they see what’s going on around them?

Don’t they feel the vibes?

Being in public places becomes like punishment. Too many sounds, to many thoughts and ideas and emotions crammed into one place, burrowing into your head.

The pressure intensifies and becomes unbearable.

I need to get out of here. RIGHT NOW.

Give me some fresh air. I can’t breathe.



Bliss. The magic of stillness and silence stroking your heart.

Breathing waves of profound peace.

More waves of intense pleasure.

If only people knew how good this feels…

Your smile grows, a beaming arc. Radient joy.

You chuckle to yourself.


God this is incredible.

Waves upon waves upon waves teleport you into another world

An ocean beyond boundaries. A world beyond form.

You start to melt. The edges fade.

The colors merge and life slows down.



Falling upwards









Nothing and everything.

An ocean without edges. No borders. Not sides. Not distance.

Vast, without distance

Skyies behind skies, beyond skies behind light

Light upon light

A golden sunset inside a sunset


You never left. You are the light

The light is you.

You are home

You are everything.

You are nothing

You are free




It’s over

Forver in light

You’re all

No end,

Only this –


Dealth and Rebirth

Breathing deep you come back to your mind and the appearances of your body

You know who you are

You know who you are not

You know you’re safe

You know you can never die

But how to be here now?

How to live in this world of dreams?

How to play the game?

How to talk and walk and move in this strange circus?

How can you take it seriously?


No mans land is all around you – but you’ve found a stable ground where you can build castles in the sky and put foundations under them

You’re alive now.

You’re free

You’re strength it returning.

The little light that was ignited is beaming

A star.

Not just a star

A smiling star behind your eyes.

A beautiful star who came here into this world to shine.

And shine you will.

You’re new life ahead of you

Building a new world. Creating a new set of laws, the law of love

The way of the heart.

You are in the world, but not of it.

You are here, but you are free. You’re living on the cusp of the wave and watching life emerge from within.

A consicous creator.

A real, living being.

The world thanks you. The world bows it’s tired eyes to you and smiles.

What will you do now?

What will you create?

Where will you lead us?